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About Tara

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Thank you for considering Alder Brooke Healing Arts as a source of education and support for your natural health needs.

Tara Alder is nationally certified and is an instructor with the *International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT). She also attends and teaches at health conferences and is an international speaker.

Tara is a graduate of the American Institute of Natural Health and the Circle of Life Healing Arts institute. Tara has furthered her expertise by apprenticing at the Gerber Medical Clinic with Carol Christian and the Optimum Health resources with Maria-Elaina St. John. She maintains continuing education hours annually and is pursuing complementary health disciplines as she stays current on recent discoveries in the field of optimal health.

As a natural health coach with a holistic approach and a gentle nurturing touch, Tara has practiced professionally in the healing arts since 2000. Tara believes that everyone deserves to live an extraordinary life with youthful vitality. Tara also pursues environmental activism as she knows that what we do to mother earth we do to our bodies. With this knowledge she strives to regain both personal and global ecological balance by creating sustainable health from the inside out.

*I-ACT defines professional standards for Colon Hydrotherapist Internationally.

I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA and am excited to share these high quality products and how to best use them to empower your personal and home health.

Practicing as an internal cleansing specialist and health educator with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy since 2000, I specialize in holistic natural health care for your body, home and life using the best quality products and services.

What I share in my practice has proven to support the well-being of individuals, the whole family and the environment. I invite you to join my doTERRA Wellness Team and learn how you can incorporate doTERRA essential oils and products into your home, health and lifestyle routines.

I am offering free wellness consultations for you to explore doTERRA, discover what essential oils are and learn how best to use them to empower yourself personally, and promote the health and life quality of the people you love.

Contact me today and gain access to recipes and tips for using doTERRA essential oils, have fun and begin enhancing your life. Our team is available to answer your questions and offer you support.

Contact Tara at:

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