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Proper Food Combining

  • *Do not eat fruit with any other food*
  • *Protein and carbohydrate food should never be combined*
  • *A leafy green salad should be eaten with any protein or carbohydrate or fat*
    Fats inhibit the digestion of protein. If you must have fat with a protein, eat a mixed vegetable salad, which will offset the inhibiting affect upon digestion.

  • Healthy Eating
    You should never drink liquids with or immediately following a meal.
  • For a handy reference see the Divine Way to Combine.

Helpful hints and how it works:

  • There are three basic types of food: Concentrated foods (proteins and carbohydrates), high in water content foods (fruits and vegetables) and fats.
  • Proteins are the most complex (concentrated) food and require the most time and energy to digest and assimilate.
  • Fruit is the least complex (high water content) food and takes the least amount of time and energy to digest and assimilate. It can be eaten right before, but not after, any other food. After a meal you must wait at least 3 hours before eating more fruit. Sweet fruits should not be eaten right before a meal.
  • All foods that are eaten have to be broken down into a form of sugar.
  • Glucose (sugar) is the brains only food. It cannot burn protein or fat.
  • All fruit, except for bananas, dried fruit and avocados, pass directly through the stomach and digest in the intestines.
  • Medical scientists and nutritionists have erroneously classified ALL sugars, including fruit, as carbohydrates. Fruit may be classified as a carbohydrate, but its makeup is so entirely different that it MUST be thought of as a separate grouping. It is best to classify fruit as a sugar. The classification of fruit as a carbohydrate and the subsequent consumption of fruit along with proteins and carbohydrates have probably led to more digestive difficulties than any other dietary habit.
  • In the digestive system the process to break down proteins, carbohydrates and fruit are entirely different, requiring different secretions. Therefore, to insure the most efficient digestion possible, these three foods should not be consumed simultaneously.
  • If a protein is eaten with a carbohydrate, such as meat and a piece of bread or a potato, the different digestive juices in contact with each other will nullify each other’s effectiveness. The protein will putrefy and the carbohydrate will ferment. The result is gas and flatulence in the system.
  • .If a protein is eaten with a sugar, such as nuts with raisins, the protein will putrefy, and the sugar will ferment. The result is gas and flatulence in the system.
  • When a carbohydrate is eaten with a sugar, such as a cooked grain cereal with apple or banana, the carbohydrate and the sugar will both ferment. The result is gas and flatulence in the system.
  • No healthy cell structure can be built from fermentation or putrefaction.
  • Proteins (concentrated foods) should be eaten with steamed vegetables and /or salads (high water content foods) for optimum digestion.
  • Carbohydrates (concentrated foods) should be eaten with steamed vegetables and /or salads (high water content foods) for optimum digestion.
  • If fruit is eaten alone on an empty stomach, it will have the effect of washing and cleansing the digestive tract leaving it more capable of absorbing nutrition.
  • NEVER eat cooked spinach. Spinach contains oxalic acid, which assists in the peristaltic actions of the digestive system. That is the constant wave motion that keeps foodstuff moving through it. When cooked, oxalic acid forms acid crystals in the kidneys, and its beneficial properties are lost. Always eat spinach raw.
  • Tomatoes are an acid fruit, but in the digestive tract they are extremely alkaline, helping neutralize acid build-ups in the body. When tomatoes are cooked, they are highly acid forming and damaging to the internal organs. They are a prime factor in the high incidences of ulcers in this country, and severely aggravate an existing ulcer. If you must have cooked tomatoes, i.e., Spaghetti sauce, be certain that a large green salad is eaten with it to offset its damaging effects. For the highest level of health, tomatoes should NEVER be eaten cooked.
  • Fluids should not be consumed along with or after a meal because they wash many of the digestive juices from the stomach. The remaining juices are severely diluted. This forces the body to secrete more digestive juices immediately, unnecessarily usurping energy.
  • Dairy products are highly mucous forming and difficult to digest. They do not combine well with anything. If they are eaten, they should be accompanied with a salad.
  • By adhering to the rules of proper food combining, the digestive system is worked less, thereby conserving energy that can be utilized elsewhere in the body. The body can use the conserved energy for the cleansing of accumulated toxic waste.
  • Improper food combining is one of the main reasons why so many people have an excess weight problem. The energy necessary to break down and eliminate the excesses is constantly being used by the digestive system. There is simply not enough energy at the body’s disposal to carry out the functions of digestion AND eliminate unwanted excess, unless the burdens put on the digestive processes are decreased.
  • Ignore fad weight loss schemes and standardized height and weight charts based on averages from an unhealthy population. The critical point to remember is that when you are on a healthful, vital diet, your body will automatically go to your most optimum body weight and will remain there.

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