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The Body Ecology
by Jill Hambleton

CONSCIOUSNESS IS RISING in our cosmoverse and many individuals are awakening to their desire to BE clear. Hunan beings are capable of fulfilling contracts of unconditional love, harmony with all life and the creation of Heaven on Earth. As we awaken our true spiritual walk we begin to heal on many levels. We may join teachers, spiritual masters, and like-minded folks to share our celebration of life. Well, as above, so below.

As we open our hearts and minds to embracing our true nature, we begin healing our bodies also. We realize that what we do to our bodies do to Earth and what we do to Earth we do to our bodies. One does not have to look far to recognize the extreme state of imbalance we have enacted onto both Earth and our bodies.

At this stage in the game, body-mind-soul wellness is a process that requires vigilance and commitment. However, once you choose to Re-cognize your path, the rewards are amazingly immediate and wonderfully fulfilling.

One logical route to happiness is physical health and vitality. Chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, bloating, and constipation do not exist in nirvana. Just as we are recognizing that Gaia has a delicately interconnected ecosystem, so do we discover that the same is true for our bodies. Our inner ecology is inhabited by colonies of microorganisms that play a key role in keeping us young, healthy and full of energy. This living ecology is comprised of two generalized groups: friendly bacteria or unfriendlies such as yeast (candida albicans), and fungus. In a balanced system the "friendly" bacteria far outnumber the "unfriendly" yeast and harmony resides. However, when our immunity is compromised by many factors: Chemical in our food, clothing, body care product, fast food, stress and the widespread use of medicine, especially antibiotics and hormones, this balance is upset and harmony is destroyed. This results in a weakened state in which "unfriendly' bacteria multiply and we begin experiencing a litany of daily discomforts and symptoms.

The Body Ecology Diet, written by Donna Gates provides a program for restoring inner health, strengthening the immune system and establishing patterns of living and eating that support wellness and vitality for body, mind and soul. Benefiting from this renewal of wholeness allows us to move out into our work with the strength, energy and balance required for being of service in the creation of a peaceful planet The Body Ecology Diet incorporates seven sound principles rooted in ancient wisdom for rebuilding the inner health of its practitioners. The key word of the Body Ecology Diet program is BALANCE.

Body Ecology Diet ~ Seven Principles

Principle #1: Expansion/Contraction

This is based on the ancient Chinese concept of Tin and yang. Certain foods are contracting: salt, meat, eggs, and poultry. Stress is also a state of contracting or tightening. Other foods such as sugar, alcohol and caffeine cause our body to relax, open up and expand. Many people are caught on a continual roller coaster between these two extremes in their body's natural attempt to achieve balance. There is a third group of foods that are neither too contracting nor too expanding. This creates the perfect environment for balance and is the corner-stone of the Body Ecology Diet

Principle #2: Acid/Alkaline

Just as Earth has become polluted by acid rains, so have our bodies become toxic due to increased acidity as a result of poor diets that have altered our pH balance. The Body Ecology Diet guides us in re-balancing our internal chemistry.
Once the proper pH is achieved, our beneficial bacteria nourish and bodily functions return to optimal flow.

Principle #3: Blood Types

The Body Ecology Diet offers the blood type theory, developed by naturopath Dr. James D' Adamo, as a fascinating clue for a better understanding of individual needs and rates of healing.

Principle #4: Cleansing

Cleansing is nature's way of releasing unwanted toxins from our bodies. This is the process of renewal. The Body Ecology Diet encourages us to welcome times of cleansing because they always result in a greater level of health and immunity.

Principle #5: Proper Food Combining

This is a proven system of eating compatible foods to aid digestion and enhance health. When we eat foods that do not combine properly, our digestive system gets mixed signals as early as the moment we chew our food. This confuses our system about which enzymes to release. Foods remaining in the digestive tract too long begin to ferment .This rotting food is poison and pollutes our inner world The Body Ecology Diet offers three basic rules that are essential for establishing a clean, efficient inner ecology.

  • Eat fruits alone and on an empty stomach.
  • Always eat protein with non-starchy and/or ocean vegetables.
  • Always eat grains and starchy vegetables with non-starchy and/or ocean vegetables.

Principle #6: 80/20 Rule

Many people will jeopardize immune systems also have weakened digestive tracts. Any time we over eat or eat improperly combined foods we stress our digestive systems. The first 80/20 rule advises us to only eat until we are 80% full; leaving room for digestion. The second rule is that 80% of the food on our plates be land or ocean vegetables; the remaining 20% can be protein, grains, or starchy vegetables. The 80/20 rules guarantees that we will never again leave the table feeling over-full or bloated.

Principle #7: Step by Step

This principle is fundamentally The Body Ecology Diet. All of nature follows a process of step-by-step order. Just as plants and animals grow in this manner, so do we heal step by step. Donna Gates reminds us that it is important honor this process as we re-establish our inner balance. This principle addresses the question, how long will it take to heal?
The above offers only I brief overview of the holistic Body Ecology Diet program. This book is in-depth and informative (recipes are included).

A website exists for communication with others who are embracing their wellness: www.BodyEcologyDiet.com

Changing our food Consciousness is a major challenge in this earthwalk. Support groups are encouraged. It can be done--many, many, many people are living examples of dietary transformation. Results from this program are seen in the first three days, in one week symptoms disappear, one month and truly revolutionary transformation is apparent. This program can be aptly called a transition diet because as we experience the healing process our desire grows to continue moving forward in the flow of our wellness and vitality.

If you are interested in more information or are seeking an active support network we wish to hear from you! Let us heal as One. Let us embrace our true wholeness in unity.
Inlakesh (Mayan for I am another you). Contact Jill Hambleton. 501-575-9628 or Angie Shoup. 501-443-5615.

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