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Alternate Cleansing Schedule
and Guidelines for Reintroduction of Foods

3-Day Fruit and Vegetable Bulking Diet

Fresh raw fruits for breakfast
Steamed vegetables with salad for lunch and dinner
Snacking on pumpkin seeds, carrots, and soaked dried fruits is acceptable.

7 Day Fast

• Cleansing drink: (5 times a day)

2 tablespoons of hydrated bentonite
1 tablespoon of psyllium hulls
1 teaspoon of Seasonal Cleanse
Mix in 6 to 8 ounces of purified water and drink quickly

• Chaser: (5 times a day)

1 ounce of liquid chlorophyll
8 ounces of purified water or juice as chaser

• Herbs and Supplements: (5 times a day):

1 tablespoon of TerraGreens with fresh raw apple juice
A cup of Get Regular Tea
2 Bowel Detox
2 Red Beet Root Formula
Optional oil, 2 calcium magnesium and b vitamins supplements (niacin)

• Flora: (2 times a day, morning and night)

Friendly Flora (aka beneficial bacteria)

Reintroduction Period:

Day 1: Consider veggie soup, salads, fruit and steamed veggies
Day 2: add yogurt and tomatoes.
Day 3: add barley, yams, winter squash, potatoes and citrus fruits.
Day 4: add brown rice, legumes, peanuts, soy.
Day 5: add grains like rye, oats, corn, wheat.
Day 6: nuts and nutritional yeast.


  • Probiotic supplement should be taken both orally and rectally to restore the good intestinal flora. The probiotic should be taken orally for at least 30 days following this cleanse.
  • An L-Glutamine supplement is also recommended for two weeks following the cleanse.
  • A healthy diet should be maintained concentrating on alkalizing foods and chewing your food.
  • The 7 day cleanse will be repeated every 7 weeks until desired results are attained. (No more black goopy tar)

You are required to get a colonic at least once a day and possibly twice a day if your situation warrants it during the 7 day fast. An Emer’gen-c with 1000mg of vitamin c will be provided at that time. I recommend supplementing extra vitamin c as well when possible.

For greater release when pooping

Massage shins
Lift arms alternately
Do mouth stretches
Use a 2 quart enema bag with purified water. Fred Meyers usually stocks them.
Drink flax seed tea (1/4 cup flax to 2 quarts of water, boil, strain and drink. You may store extra in the refrigerator.)

Points to remember during this cleanse:

  • Be consistent with your drinks and supplements.
  • Drink lots of purified water to clear out toxins.
  • If you become hungry or experience a drop in energy, take more Organic TerraGreens.
  • You may have fresh raw vegetable juices anytime. No canned juice! Invest in a good juicer or frequent local juice bars. You may, however, enjoy any available fruit or vegetable juice if necessary to ensure proper electrolyte balance.
  • Dry skin brush daily to enhance elimination through skin and stimulate lymphatic system.
  • Castor oil packs at night are great. (This may be a great time to journal as well).
  • The best exercise during this cleanse is walking everyday and breathing in fresh air. It is important not to over exert yourself even if you feel great. Get plenty of rest and take good care of yourself.
  • Remember it takes approximately 3 days for your stomach to shrink. It is during the first 3 days that you may feel more hungry, tired or toxic. Be patient and easy on yourself. This is your time to heal.
  • Manifest an enthusiastic attitude. You are doing something absolutely awesome for yourself and your body! Thank yourself!!!

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